Why Crosstimers?

A clock face hovering in space

A couple of years ago I was teaching myself Drupal and built a website centred around a calendar for gamers. The idea was that people wanting to get together for gaming sessions on the internet could announce them there for participants to register. I was intending it mainly for face-to-face role-players, but it would have worked for any sort of online gaming.

There were plenty of sites like this around, but none did it right. Or at least, what I thought of as right. I wanted the calendar to be at the heart of the site, with a flexible filter system that would let the members hone the events down to exactly the ones in which they were most interested.

I also added commenting, a forum, live chat, and a way to search for other gamers with your set of interests. The prototype worked pretty well.

I wanted a catchy name for a place where people would get together and set a date and time, and which also suggested worlds future, worlds past, and off to the sides - the sort of worlds that role-players love to inhabit.

I picked and purchased crosstimers.com.

But, two things happened while I was putting this together. First, in the role-playing world a Kickstarter for an online virtual tabletop called Roll20 gained a huge amount of traction, and although their site didn't have the functionality as honed as I wanted it, it worked pretty well. Second, Google+ and other social media sites blossomed and provided a much better place to meet up.

I couldn't see what I'd built taking off any more, so I parked the project.

When I decided to get more serious about my writing, it was obvious that I'd need a blog. I could have used something built around my name, but I still had crosstimers.com and I like it.

So here we are.

At some point I suppose I should write a novel called Crosstimers just so that it all seems more obvious.


Background image of star field courtesy NASA and ESA.


arjaybe's picture

And here I thought it was because of Callahan's Crosstime Saloon.


Oh well. Your story's just as good.-)


Graham Brand's picture

Channelling Spider Robinson... yes, this came to mind when I was thinking of using it for the blog, but I'd already had the domain for a year or two. If I do write something relating to Crosstimers I'll have to steer well clear of the Crosstime Saloon ideas!