Space Marines and Hippy Goats

Storium game selection screen showing Goat Simulator

What does a grizzled space veteran called Crabbe have in common with a hippy goat named Moonbeam?

They're both characters I'm playing in games on Storium.

Storium is an online storytelling game. You play it in your web browser; there's nothing you need to download and install. You can narrate a story yourself, or play as a character in someone else's tale. When you log in, you're shown a list of the stories that are looking for players, and you can create a character to join the one that takes your fancy.

If you're a writer or a fan of role-playing games you'll feel at home immediately, but Storium have got this right and anyone who enjoys reading and storytelling will pick it up very quickly.

You create your character by picking from a set of descriptive cards. These include a goal - a subplot that the character is striving towards - and cards that describe strengths and weaknesses.

The stories are played out in scenes. The narrator will set the scene and add some challenge cards, which describe obstacles that the characters have to overcome during the scene.

Anyone can continue the story, and you take a move by playing some of your character's cards against a particular challenge. You then describe what your character's doing, and what happens, using the cards played for guidance. If more strong cards are played than weak ones, then the scene ends well. Otherwise, things get worse.

Like any good game, it's easier to play than to describe. And it's a lot of fun.

If you back the Kickstarter you'll get access to the beta test where we're all playing right now, and you'll be supporting the development of further features and art which are going to make Storium even better.

And it's already very good.