The First Hundred

Cover of Neo-opsis issue #27

My story The First Hundred is in the latest issue of the Canadian science fiction magazine, Neo-opsis.

While Cutting It Fine was the first SF short story that I started, The First Hundred was the first that I finished. It was also the first story I posted to the Online Writing Workshop when I discovered the benefits of reviewing and being reviewed. It's a better and tighter story thanks to the criticism I received.

If you like stories about distant planets, and love, and time, get yourself a copy of Neo-opsis issue 27.




arjaybe's picture

Congratulations, Graham.  You bring hope to the rest of us ink-stained wretches.-)

rjb (of the MR anthology)

Graham Brand's picture

Thanks Jim. It was a nice feeling when my contributor copy of Neo-opsis arrived. They've done a good job on the production quality. :-)