Hello World

Graham Brand in the Yorkshire Dales

When you learn a new programming language you traditionally begin with some code that does nothing more than throw “Hello World” at the screen. Starting a blog seems to me to be “Hello World” for real, and more than a little bit scary. Still, blogging and shyness are incompatible so here we go.

I’m setting up here because I want to take my writing to the next level, and to get some stories actually out there rather than tucked away where no one can read them. This is very much the start of that journey, so at the moment the cupboards here are bare. Content will come as time goes by, and hopefully you can enjoy the successes and pitfalls along with me.

In the meantime, we can discuss the process of getting started with professional writing, and explore what seems to be working - or not - for me. Doubtless the blog will touch on other interests as well - look out for articles on Chromebooks, traditional Storytelling, and discovering Folk in the weeks to come.

I’ll consolidate the news on my writing into an occasional newsletter, and I’ll include a free science fiction or fantasy story with each one. The stories will be only a page or two - the sort of thing that you can read while waiting for the train or at a bus stop. Eventually I’ll gather them all together for a book, but subscribe to the newsletter and you’ll get them first and for free!


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Congratulations on taking a big step.  I know what you mean about blogging and shyness.  For me it was a bit like walking down mainstreet naked.-)


(my blog is linked in my MobileRead sig - greencomet.org)

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Thanks. Hopefully I can keep it going. There are also a few technical things I need to sort out (like the fact that the dates are always appearing in American format regardless of the timezone setting of the user, and that apparently the comments format is stripping out line breaks!)

Yes, I had a look at your blog yesterday. I'll drop in again soon. :)

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I prefer either year-month-day or day-month-year for the date. The worst thing about the month-day-year format is that you can be left uncertain about the date when it's just numerals.

The Green Comet blog exists to provide a home for the Green Comet novel on the Internet. I just post something once in a while so the site doesn't look moribund.

I'm posting this in "Plain text" format to see if it gives a different result from the "Comments" format. (Well, preview does show a difference. Let's see if the promise to turn URLs into links holds true.)



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Thanks for the plain text experiment. I know what's needed to fix the comment now. The date one's a bit trickier, as I need to dig into the Drupal theme php files to fix it, and the things that I've tried that were suggested on the Drupal site didn't work for me. I'll figure it out eventually!

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Funny how much hacking we have to do on these simple blogging systems, eh? Oh well, imagine doing it from scratch.