Cutting It Fine

Cutting It Fine at Electric Spec

May was a fun month for me. I had a piece of flash fiction, Bodyshop, published in Every Day Fiction on the 5th and then a short story, Cutting It Fine, appeared in Electric Spec on the 31st.

When I decided a few years ago to get serious about my writing, Cutting It Fine was the first draft that I completed. It sat around for a while and then I offered it up for a free anthology that we worked on over at MobileRead. In the end we didn’t have enough material to proceed with the anthology, but I’d reworked the story in the process and gained enough confidence about it to send it out to some magazines.

Although it was the first full length science fiction story I started, it wasn’t the first one I finished, and it wasn’t even the first that I had accepted (the other story intended for that anthology, Planting The Flag, placed with another online magazine 18 months ago, though it’s not yet appeared), but it has turned out to be the first one that’s been published.

Cutting It Fine emerged from my fondness for those tales that centre on the ordinary people in the background of great events—in this case a barber forced to shut up shop when his space station is handed over to victorious aliens—and I hope you enjoy it.