Cutting It Fine

Cutting It Fine at Electric Spec

May was a fun month for me. I had a piece of flash fiction, Bodyshop, published in Every Day Fiction on the 5th and then a short story, Cutting It Fine, appeared in Electric Spec on the 31st.

Blissful Writing

Novlr screenshot

The options for writing your novel in the cloud are improving all the time, but the combination that I'm happiest with at the moment is Novlr with Workflowy open in a separate window.

There are web apps out there that have more features, but there's a beauty and simplicity to Novlr that I love. As you start to type, the toolbars fade away, leaving you with just your words.

A Storyboard in the Cloud

Screenshot of a Spaaze storyboard

I'm continuing my exploration of the options available to writers with a Chromebook, or anyone else who wants to use only applications that are available in the Cloud.

Spaaze is the most enjoyable way to storyboard your plot that I've found so far. It's got a good cork background and the interface takes up very little screen space, so you can browse your scene cards without distraction.

Write Here, Write There

Sign outside cafe in Edinburgh saying "J K Rowling never wrote here"

J. K. Rowling famously wrote Harry Potter in the cafés of Edinburgh (though not, apparently, at the one in the photo).

I was in Edinburgh too this weekend, with my days free while my wife was at a storytelling workshop, and I can recommend writing while pottering around the city. Awful pun aside, this is a really good way to get words down. I stumbled into it by accident, but I'll definitely do it again.

Space Marines and Hippy Goats

Storium game selection screen showing Goat Simulator

What does a grizzled space veteran called Crabbe have in common with a hippy goat named Moonbeam?

They're both characters I'm playing in games on Storium.

Storium is an online storytelling game. You play it in your web browser; there's nothing you need to download and install. You can narrate a story yourself, or play as a character in someone else's tale. When you log in, you're shown a list of the stories that are looking for players, and you can create a character to join the one that takes your fancy.

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